When Your Words Truly Matter In Business

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One of the major elements of having a business is marketing. Promoting your business is how you not only acquire customers, but also, retain the customer base that you already have. Marketing is just simply presenting your product or offer in whatever way that will get your company the desired results and in most cases, that result is a sale. There have always been a number of ways in which a company can market its services and products such as commercials, flyers and since the internet took off, even email marketing. Now, however, many companies have begun to use what is text messaging as a form of advertising. 

Text messaging also known as sms services for small business is extremely helpful and very result producing. By texting the customer instead of using email, you will almost guarantee they will read the message whereas many emails get overlooked or even end up in a spam folder. SMS marketing is a smart way of direct to consumer advertising that ensures your customer sees what you have to offer. This is even better than a commercial in some cases because many people may not watch it, or if they see an ad on YouTube, they may click the skip button. However, if they do watch it and are in fact interested, by the time they may want to find out more or act on that interest, they may have forgotten the name of the product or company. With SMS marketing, the advertisement stays in the customer’s phone for future reference. 

While SMS marketing may not allow you to have all of the bells and whistles of say a Super Bowl commercial, text marketing gets straight to the point. It’s an easy way to remind get special offers and sales to your customers or just simply remind them of your company with a Merry Christmas text. The best way to utilize such a service is to have a plan on what your messaging will be and send that same message across the various different platforms. It has been said by marketing experts that people tend to trust what they hear or see often. And so, you want your message to be seen on your customers text, their social media and their email. While you don’t want to bombard them with promo and become annoying, you do want to do enough so that your customers don’t forget about you. 

Finding balance within your marketing strategy is like finding balance in any other aspect of your life. To much of a good thing can definitely be bad. And no matter how good your offer is, if you ram it down the customers throat, you may not only ruin your chance of getting that sale, you may also lose that customer. So everything in moderation and most of all, know your customer base. Study them and do what is best for them as the customer and positive results will follow. Happy marketing. Good luck!