You May Not Know These Facts About Death

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Thinking about death is something that not everyone likes to do often, but is an inevitable part of life that cannot be avoided. One of the things that are highly associated with death are funeral services Hunterdon County NJ and they have evolved heavily throughout the existence of mankind. Many of the practices that still take place today were influenced by those that were performed by our ancestors generations ago. there are just a few things about funerals and death that you may not have known. 

Gravestones Were Introduced By Romans 

While gravestones are considered a normal part of burial now, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, they weren’t introduced to the world until the Romans started using them to mark where their dead were buried. While some gravestones are quite simple, others are much more elaborate. Some even implement technology that allows you to see and hear your lost loved one and even interact with them. After the era of Roman control in Britain, gravestones largely fell out of popularity until modern times. When gravestones were first introduced, they were usually focused around military forts and were more often for the wives and children of the soldiers rather than the soldiers themselves. Back during this time period, soldiers were not allowed to get married. 

Used Coffins Are A Thing 

When people look for a coffin today, it’s pretty much common practice that the last time it will be seen is when it is buried in the ground. In the past, this isn’t always what happened as coffins were often used several times by several different bodies. In fact, they were usually just used to transport the body before removing the body and burying it in a simple shroud. When this practice was popular, people would either borrow a coffin to bury their loved ones or lease one. 

There Were Some Odd Beliefs On Healing 

There have always been some strange beliefs when it comes to healing, even today there are many things that people do that just don’t seem to make sense. One of these strange practices from the past was touching the body of a hanged murderer in order to heal a wide variety of illnesses. People suffering from illnesses would go to the hangings of these murderers hoping to be healed by receiving their “death stroke”. Like a lot of beliefs about death and healing, there isn’t any scientific evidence to back up that touching the body of a murderer or being around them as they take their last breath helps. 

We Still Don’t Know Everything 

As they say, the dead keep their secrets. While archaeologists and historians have discovered a lot of information about the funeral practices of the past and how death was viewed, there are still a lot of questions that have to be answered. Burying your dead has not always been popular and they believe that much of the history has been destroyed during incineration.