Trends for Hamburgers in Restaurants

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The hamburger has evolved into a popular, and gourmet selection on the menu. Road stands, diners, cafes, bistros, and breweries serve burgers. The contemporary burger served in restaurants is constantly evolving and changing. The restaurant that pay attention to trends bring in new customers. 

Many restaurants serve special sauces and condiments with their burgers. They serve barbecue sauce, salsa, chipotle mayonnaise, an aioli. Consumers like trying new flavors, on their burgers. Many restaurants create new recipes using a variety of different toppings. Some of the toppings used are goat cheese, truffle oil, spinach, hot pepper, avocado, sautéed onion, cole slaw, or scallions. Today, restaurants serve patties made from different blends of meats. The traditional all beef patty has competition. Burgers are made from flank steak, brisket, short ribs, strip steak, rib eye, and grass-fed beef. Flavors and variety of recipes fuels this trend in many restaurants. Many chefs grind and make their own burgers. 

Restaurants serve burgers in all different sizes. The have large, double, medium or smaller ones that resemble appetizers. International flavors are becoming popular, with consumers. There are Mexican burgers, Italian, Greek, Cajun, Barbecue, or Asian offering a wide variety of flavors. Hamburger are now served on a variety of different types of rolls and bread. They serve the burger on potato rolls, ciabatta bread, pretzel rolls, sourdough, or gluten-free rolls. Many restaurants are adding eggs to their burgers to boost protein content. The largest group that restaurants market burgers to are millennials. 

Burgers are now served for breakfast on some menus. Try a beef patty with hash brown or hash brown burgers. Double cheeseburgers are popular in many restaurants with the ground beef patties, cheese, and assorted toppings. Sliders are small burgers that make great appetizers for a small crowd served in many bars. Several restaurants serve vegetarian burger made with black beans, chickpeas, kelp, portobello mushrooms, and other ingredients. With the right toppings, its often hard to tell the differences between them and regular burgers. 

The Variety of Different Burgers 

It not hard to find a unique burger restaurant dallas tx. There are many that serve delicious burgers. The variety is mind boggling. One restaurant grinds brisket and chuck serve it, topped with aged cheddar and a special sauce. Often, the simple beef patty with cheese and toppings wins out over the more specialized selections. The toppings and sauces make burgers unique. Many restaurants use jalapenos, grilled onions, mushrooms, jack cheese, and chili. More unusual toppings are whiskey spiked cheddar, blackberry compote, and candied bacon. 

Some restaurants serve other meats like lamb burgers topped with goat cheese, feta cheese, spicy mustard, and diced cucumbers. A spicy style burger will often have hot sauce, cheese, spicy ham, and grilled onions. Even fruit, finds it way into burger recipes today. An apple slaw burger uses apple and onion slaw with a beef patty, cheddar cheese and spicy mayonnaise. There are many varieties of burgers served in restaurants making them a staple item on the menu. Creating new ways to serve them keep customer coming back. Consumers continue to change the way burgers are served.