Should I get a Carbine?

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Do pistol caliber carbines have to be lame? The answer to that question is a big emphatic, no. Over the last ten years, we have seen amazing growth in the pistol caliber carbine market. We have seen many giants in the industry create carbines that people actually want. These carbines have been the type of firearms that anyone would be proud to own. Modern carbines are not just fun to plink around with, but they also make great self-defense firearms. There are many companies that are making excellent carbines.

Why Carbines?

Everyone loves to shoot rifles and we all love the tactical look of an AR-15. One thing that people do not like is the cost of a quality rifle, and the amount of money that it costs in ammunition to shoot 5.56 NATO or .223. Some people have gone the route of using 9mm and .22 LR conversion kits in order to shoot for a lot cheaper. The conversion kit route is a great way to go when you already have a rifle, but when you are in the market for a new firearm choosing a carbine that is chambered in your preferred round is the best choice. 

A Great Option

A great choice for a 9mm carbine is a Freedom Ordnance FX-9 Carbine FX9. We know, that is a mouthful but this gun makes up for the word salad with a reliable, sleek, sexy AR-15 that is chambered in 9mm. Instead of needing to go the conversion route or going with a lesser known company, the FX9 is made by a well known company who receives high reviews for their firearms. From fit to finish, this is a firearm that will give you years of service without any issues. 

Dual Purpose

With 9mm, you have an ammunition caliber that is cheap to shoot, but that can also serve you well in a self-defense scenario. We have all heard that the bigger the round the better, but there’s a huge issue with that logic. The first issue is that shooting a rifle round inside of a home poses many risks. Rifle rounds are known to over penetrate walls, and this can lead to injuries and death of unintended targets. The same reason why the professionals do not suggest ball ammo for self-defense is the same reason why they don’t suggest rifle rounds in a home with people around. Yes, rifle rounds can penetrate the exterior walls of your home and hurt a neighbor. 

A Great Choice 

Carbines are an all around great choice for sport shooting and self-defense. With a modern design that borrows from the AR-15, you can now have a pistol caliber carbine that has an excellent tactical look. When choosing a carbine, make sure that you go with a great company who has an excellent reputation for making reliable and accurate firearms. The FX-9 Carbine is a top choice for anyone who is looking for their next tactical carbine.