Sewer Pipe Inspection Cameras Save Time and Money

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For the average homeowner, sewer repairs are a nightmare causing thousands of dollars in damage and depending on how severe the blockage is, can be quite a messy and smelly experience. A backed-up sewer has to be one of the worst home repair projects the typical homeowner has to face. You have no control over the situation and there’s no way you could have prevented an underground pipe from being damaged. The cost of digging up your backyard and repairs doesn’t leave the homeowner much of a choice; however, inspection pipe cameras are changing how we used to deal with a backed-up sewer system. 

In the past sewer trenching was the only viable option for sewer repairs and now thanks to the innovation of the sewer camera, automatically trenching, is a thing of the past. Modern technology and certified technicians are using inspection cameras to rectify sewer problems. The inspection camera coupled with other plumbing equipment has revolutionized how we repair sewer damage without digging. 

How Sewer Inspection Cameras Work 

Sewer inspection cameras are designed to enter into the sewer system and look for the root of the problem. The camera is about the size of an small phone and is attached to a flexible cable. The camera is inserted into the sewer opening first, in the same manner, that a plumber’s snake or rooting machine would be. The camera is controlled remotely by small intricate motors inside the cable. As the camera pushes deeper into the pipe, the cable will unwind itself from an attached spool. 

When the camera is penetrating deeper into the sewer lines, a trained professional is viewing what it sees. The cable has a few different functions, besides controlling the power and movement, the cable is connected to a closed-circuit display with lights attached at the end, to light up the sewer pipes and it allows the technician to see inside the pipe. The plumber feeds the camera into the sewer lines until he identifies the problem. 

When Inspection Cameras are Used 

Inspection cameras are now the way most professional plumbing businesses operate on a daily basis. The cameras can identify most breaks, fractures, corrosion, and root damage by using the inspection camera. Once the problem is identified, there are certain procedures that are used like hydro-jetting and rooting machines to clear away issues caused by specific problems. From there resin-based substances can be used to re-seal fractures and stop leaks. 

Why Buy an Inspection Camera? 

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional plumbing contractor, an inspection camera is the only way to see the problem without digging up unnecessary earth. This saves thousands of dollars in unnecessary excavation, which is most times a trial and error approach until the problem is found. The bottom line is not in the sewer, it’s in the camera. Without one, the typical homeowner can expect to shell out thousands of dollars and deal with repairing the landscape. For a great line of inspection cameras and product information, please feel free to visit our site today.