Making Sandwiches That Are Filling

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While you’re looking in the display cases at your local bakery, you’ll probably see everything from cakes to cookies to pies. You might see a few different types of bread as well. One type is the kaiser roll. Although this might be a larger roll than you’re accustomed to getting, there are a few different sandwiches that you can make with the bread that are delicious and fun to enjoy either by yourself or with your family. 

Make a refreshing sandwich with kaiser rolls by using grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato slices, onions, and light mayonnaise. You can toast the bread for a little crunch that coincides with the crunch from the vegetables that are on the sandwich. Since a kaiser bun is a bit thicker than other types of bread, it tends to soak up liquids quite nicely. This makes the bread a good option for French toast or a breakfast casserole. It will absorb the flavors of the egg and milk as well as the spices that you use. Another breakfast option if you want something that is hearty and filling for the day is a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. Use an over-easy egg instead of one that’s scrambled along with thicker pieces of bacon and shredded cheese. Slices of pepper jack or provolone cheese work nicely with the flavors of the bread and the bacon as well. 

A kaiser bun makes a delicious base for a BBQ sandwich. You can use any kind of chopped BBQ, but pork offers more flavor. Top the meat with slaw or onions and pickles. Enjoy a side salad with the sandwich for a nice meal during the summer. If filling meals are on the menu, then consider a pot roast meal on the bread. Use the ingredients from a pot roast meal, such as the beef, carrots, and potatoes, but on a smaller scale so that they fit on the bun. A side of mashed potatoes completes the meal. 

When you make sandwiches and meals using this kind of bread, there’s really no limits as long as you use your imagination. It can be used for refreshing meal options as well as those that are substantial and that can be enjoyed as a comfort food by your family. Try to slice the bread so that the bottom half is a bit thinner than the top half. Most rolls like this have sesame seeds on the top, but you can get them without or request that they don’t have sesame seeds on them. This kind of bread often has more flavor when it’s toasted, especially if you add a small amount of butter to one side of the bread before toasting. When you go to a bakery to select the bread that you want, look for something that has a nice color instead of one that looks dull. Make sure the bread that you get is soft as this is usually an indication that the bread was baked that day or the day before if it’s been stored properly.