IV Pump Of The Future

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An I.V pump is known as an infusion pump. This type of pump usually administers medication or nutrients into the body intravenously. Medications and nutrients can also be delivered subcutaneously, arterially, and epidurally. The uniqueness of IV pumps is that they can deliver medication or enteral feedings in the smallest dosage that will be impossible for man to deliver by hand. Because of these infusion devices anesthesia can be given to assist women in labor. There are two different types of pumps. They are called small volume pumps and large volume pumps. The difference of the two pumps is that small volume pumps infuse things such as hormones, insulin, and medications. The large volume pumps main purpose is to deliver nutrient solutions such as jevity or total parenteral nutrition. Infusion pumps do have some safety concerns that must be monitored. The health care professional has to monitor for IV infiltration or for air in the tubing. If these things are not monitored on a frequent basis it can cause adverse effects or even death. 

The Baxter Pump 

The Baxter Smart IV Pump is a new high-tech pump that has been created by Spectrum IQ Infusing Systems. The new pumps are automatic and the electronic medical record has been fully integrated into the IV pump. The pharmacy, doctor, and nurses are able to send orders directly to the electronic medical record and therefore it goes directly to the IV pump. When using the pump you will scan the barcode on the Baxter IV Pump and the pump will be ready to give the proper dose of medication per the doctor’s order. The IV pump is integrated into every part of the hospital system. It is amazing how when a doctor, pharmacist, and nurses enter a doctor’s order from a desktop or laptop it is transferred directly to the IV pump. All of these factors and this integrated system help to increase client safety. The pump does not need to be titrated, it prevents air from getting into the tubing, and it has an alarm that makes staff aware when an infusion is complete. 

How To Operate The Baxter Pump 

This system operates in a sophisticated manner with some of the best technology. The pump comes with the following technology auto programming, on screen barcodes, comprehensive workflows, auto documentation, and EMR capability. The auto programming allows for the medication dosage to be programmed directly into pump and this prevents any staff from making errors if they had to manually enter a dosage. The on-screen barcode just simplifies the entire process of the integrated workflow. The auto documentation will document instantly on the patient’s chart electronically as soon as a dose of medication is administered. This new IV system has integrated infusion management, smart pump programming and care aware event management. If a client has two sets of IV pumps that are in usage the system will notify if the wrong line is in usage, if the patient is receiving the wrong medication, or the right medication at the wrong time. The entire goal of the Baxter pump is to provide safe and competent patient care.