Important Factors To Consider While Buying Auto Insurance For Your Car

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So you just bought your first car? Well, congratulations and welcome to the world of convenience and ease in movement. However, we hope you know that there is more to owning a vehicle than driving around. In other words, car ownership comes with a string of responsibilities, the first and main one being ensuring you have the right auto insurance for it. As a first-time car owner, selecting the proper auto insurance might feel a little overwhelming as there are so many insurance providers in Merrillville all offering you great policies. Fortunately, you are in good company because below is an outline of some of the factors that you should consider before buying an auto insurance policy in Merrillville. 

Type Of Insurance Coverage 

There are various types of coverage in the insurance world. However, the main ones include, third-party auto insurance, comprehensive and collision covers. As the name of the former suggests, it only gives coverage to claims that arise as a result of damages caused by accident to third party members. In other words, this policy does not cover you or your car damages in case of a crash and is mandatory by the law. 

On the other hand, comprehensive coverage as the name implies, covers third party members who might have been affected by the accident, you and also your car if the damages are as a result of theft, natural disasters, and fire. Collision insurance covers all sorts of car repairs required after an accident regardless of who was at fault. 
Therefore, keep in mind that there are different types of covers and go for one that suits you more. 


No matter how impressive the terms offered by your insurer might be, there are of no benefit to you if they can’t fit in your budget. The amount of money you plan on spending on your insurance determines all the other factors. However, don’t make your budget the primary metric in assessing the type of cover you take because even though getting a government mandated cover might save you a few bucks, you end up paying more in the event of an accident compared to when you take out a comprehensive cover. 

Payment Option 

Another essential factor to consider before buying any auto insurance merrillville in policy is the payment option that your insurer requires. Most insurers require that you pay your premiums on a monthly basis while some often require an annual lump sum. Others offer you a yearly lump sum with six-month premium payment options with great discounts. 

Your Location, Age, And Gender 

Where you live, your age, as well as your gender, affect the amount of insurance rates that you pay. For instance, according to statistics by the national highway traffic administration, teenage drivers are usually more likely to get involved in a fatal car accident than adult drivers. This means that their risk factor is higher, causing their insurance rates to skyrocket. Female drivers, on the other hand, are more likely to pay higher premiums than males while those who live in densely populated areas pay more in premiums than those in rural or suburban areas as the risk factor is lower in such areas. In respect to that, keep in mind that all these factors will affect your insurance rate to avoid rude last-minute surprises when you find out that your friend who lives in the suburban parts of town pays lower rates than you.