How to create a capsule wardrobe

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Staples which allow you to mix and match are the variety of your clothing life and they will dominate a capsule or minimalist wardrobe. Versatility is key to establishing a capsule wardrobe as the items will be required many times to create different outfits.

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A top tip is to choose neutral colours to build your outfits. Use solid colours like black and white, as well as neutral hues such as navy, cream and beige. Although it may be tempting to stock up on graphic t-shirts, safari and flower prints and logo clothing, it’s best to steer clear of these. If you persist in wearing one logo t-shirt every day, then people will recall that one item more so than a smart neutral top.

Dress appropriately for your lifestyle

Your clothing should match your lifestyle and profession, and there is little point in owning an army of casual tops and denim if you require smart office wear. Also, prioritise quality rather than quantity. Shop with care and instead of buying a whole wardrobe of casual clothing, make sure you pay more for better quality items. After all, you will be wearing them frequently, so they should be long-wearing with a good lifespan. This is particularly important when buying a jacket and shoes.

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It’s perfectly acceptable to have a few additional pieces, especially with the changing seasons. In winter, layering is crucial, so invest in dark colours, perhaps buying a pair of good quality boots for cold, wet days. Shirts can be worn under good quality knitted jumpers, and you can invest in a heavy coat for chillier days.

Add a few extras for the seasons

Farah clothes is a stylish label popular with fashion-conscious gents. Quality Farah clothes are always at the forefront of a man’s wardrobe. According to Harper’s Bazaar, fashion designer Misha Nonoo believes the capsule wardrobe can empower women so why not men too?

In summer, a few extras are needed, maybe a sunhat and flip flops. Again, invest in top quality items which will last the whole season. A pair of shorts for day wear and light, smart trousers for evenings are ideal for inclusion in your capsule wardrobe. Invest in a few staple short sleeved shirts in neutral colours which can be teamed with chinos or denim, or worn under a light jumper for chillier evenings out.