Finding the Perfect School for Your Child

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Everyone with a fairly decent upbringing by now understands the importance of education. I am a parent myself, and am fully committed to knowing that my daughter is getting the best education possible. Growing up in the inner-city schools of Baltimore city was often times difficult and disappointing, and because of my experience with Baltimore city public school system I worry about the quality of education that my child will receive. In this article I’m going to provide a few tips and things to look out for when picking the perfect school for your child. 

The experience of school-searching can be very exciting, but at the same time extremely nerve-racking. If you hadn’t had your child enrolled in daycare this might be the first time that you leave your him/her vulnerable to all of the influences of the world. Though it is a tough road to cross, you have to be confident that you raised your child to be strong minded, and strong-willed leader. 

Something that I like to consider when looking into a school is the average income of the students parents. Families with kids that come from low income housing are usually faced with poverty and disadvantages that prevents the parents from giving their child the needed attention. Children raised under these circumstances tend to act out, and are more likely to be angry which may lead to bullying or fighting. Of course bullying happens in all types of schools, but choosing a school where teachers feel overworked and underpaid may make it less likely that preventative measures can be effectively put in place. 

A good way to be absolutely certain that your child is getting a quality education is of course to put them in private school. If private school is an option that is affordable to you, then take your time and shop around. For instance, if you live in Washington DC you can find an all girls Catholic school Washington DC. What I would recommend is to look at reviews and to visit the schools because if you are going to pay all of this money, I would want to be absolutely certain that I’ll see the result I want in my child. I would want to meet teachers and maybe look into what grades the students are getting on their exams. I want to see where the school is ranked nationally and state-wide. 

Another big thing that should be considered when choosing what school your child goes to is its proximity to where you live. You want to keep in mind how accessible you are to the school if in case of an emergency. I would look into athletic programs and extracurricular academic programs and things that would also enhance your child’s experience at their school. Including your child in the decision could also be helpful:they might be interested in a STEM program or a school that specializes in the Arts. The possibilities are endless, however; the process should be fun!