Adding Coffee To Traditional Recipes For More Flavor

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If you enjoy the aroma and flavor of coffee but just can’t drink a cup, then consider a few recipes that include this delicious beverage or the grounds. When you add coffee to a recipe, try to play around with the flavors that you use and the amounts as you don’t want a taste that is too overwhelming. Some of the foods that pair well with coffee include chocolate, chili, and vanilla. 

Add about a tablespoon of Folgers ground coffee, for example, to your banana bread recipe for a delightful treat in the morning. You can also add toffee pieces and brown sugar if you want to add more sweet notes to the bread. Baked oatmeal is another breakfast dish that you can make with coffee. It’s also a dish that you can make the night before and put in the oven so that you don’t have to do a lot of baking the next day. You can pour the oatmeal and coffee mixture into a muffin tin or a baking dish depending on the type of breakfast that you want. Top the oatmeal with yogurt, honey, or other items that you would normally use. 

Scones are a delicious treat that you can make with coffee and that can be served in the morning, evening, or for a special event. Just about any ingredient can be added to the scones to go along with the coffee. Blueberries would be good to add along with chocolate or another type of berry. Add honey or powdered sugar to the scones once you take them from the oven. 

If you enjoy sandwiches, then you’re going to enjoy some of the recipes that you can make using coffee grounds. One that you can make uses ingredients that might not seem to go well together but actually makes a beautiful sandwich is bacon and coffee. Marinate your bacon in a mixture of brown sugar and coffee before it’s fried. Top a slice of bread with the bacon, lettuce, and a slice of tomato. Pulled pork sliders are a simple lunch or dinner that you can make utilizing coffee and the meat. Make a rub with the grounds for the pork, or soak your meat in coffee that you make before you cook the pork. The sauce that you use should be a bit sweeter than normal to balance out the flavor of the coffee. 

Oranges pair well with coffee. Use a small amount of orange zest on top of a piece of toast or on top of other baked goods that you make. You can soak the baked good in coffee or combine the orange zest and grounds in a bowl to use together. If you enjoy making stews, then add coffee grounds as a thickener. It can also give your stews just the flavor that is needed to make it a bit heartier along with adding an intense flavor with the meat and vegetables that are used. As you’re deciding which coffee flavor to use, think about the other flavors in the recipe as you want everything to interact with each other.