Juror or No Juror? How Are They Selected? What Are the Benefits?

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If you ever asked yourself why are jurors needed? Why is it that we, as a society need more than a judge to decide our fates? Well, it goes way back to when the constitution was written. To be judged by your peers is a constitutional right. If you will read the Bill of Rights, you will notice Amendments 6 and 7, explains this right in detail. Amendment 6 states, ‘by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime was committed. And then in Amendment 7, it states, ‘and no fact tried by a jury, shall be re-examined in any Court of the US, except by the rules of the common law’. So this right is stressed over and over, that everyone has a right to go before their peers to be judged. In all actuality this makes a lot of sense, and as a nation we have enjoyed this common sense law for many centuries. 

If you are a registered voter and have a driver license or even an ID, you could be randomly selected to participate in a trial. A summons will be mailed to the chosen individuals and they will need to appear. When the juror appears in court, the judge and lawyers from both sides will ask questions about how he/she feel about certain things, their lifestyles etc. Jury selection los angeles ca or being selected for jury in elko nevada, all cities pretty much follow the same guidelines. 

When choosing jurors, attorneys try to determine the attitude of the person concerning government regulation, towards victimization and much more. Observing the type of job the potential juror has is also crucial. There are many different types of efforts that go into researching jurors. Data collection can lead to statistical profiles of so-called risky jurors. This type of data collection can be extremely useful, offering plenty of information that will essentially de-select a juror. 

Jurors are paid $50 a day. If the juror serves more than 10 days on trial, the price per hour can go up to $60 a day. The employer of the juror can choose to pay the person his/her salary, however it is not the law. Transportation is reimbursed, also meals and hotel stays are taken care of. Unless, you’re in a situation whereas your employer is refusing to pay you, and your salary is much more than what you’re getting paid to be a juror, this is can be looked at as a short vacation. But then again, it depends on the severity of the case, and the burdensome decisions that has to be made, the entire situation can become nightmarish. 

There are a number of ways a juror may be able to avoid jury duty. A few of those reasons are: 

a. Medical reasons 
b. Having relatives that work in the law enforcement 
c. Having strong biases 
d. Rebellious, Attitude, too enthusiasts etc 

Many people who have served as jurors have confessed that it was a refreshing experience. It gave them a first hand look at all the work that goes into determining the fate of another human being. It also, opened their eyes and allowed them to have much more respect for those in the law profession.