Is rocking beneficial?

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What comes to mind when you think of a rocking chair? A dusty living room that belongs to an elderly relative? Let’s forget about the stereotypes and see why the rocking chair is still rocking and why everyone should have one in their home.

The history of the rocking chair

Not surprisingly, rocking chairs have been with us for a fairly long time, with the first coming into use in around 1710, and invented by fixing a couple of ice skates to the bottom of an ordinary chair. However, the trend did not really take off until about 75 years later.

Most varieties we see today are single chairs, but at that time they were often designed for more than one person. They are quickly recognized as having positive palliative effects and are easy to use in places such as hospitals and other health care facilities.

Their popularity is growing and growing and we still have designers who create extraordinary chairs that not only look beautiful but also have a number of health benefits.

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Health benefits of rocking chairs

Besides looking stylish, there are actually many health benefits from rocking chairs compared to ordinary chairs or sofas.

Rocking casually

First and foremost, rocking is relaxation. It encourages the brain to release endorphins which can boost the mood and reduce stress and pain. Some airports in America have even brought in rocking chairs to help travelers relax from the busy and stressful airport environment.

Treat arthritis and back pain

Backache, pain, and arthritis can be crippling conditions, but you might be surprised to learn that using a rocking chair might help? It is even said that former US President John F Kennedy used to use a rocking chair to relieve his back pain.

The motion of rocking in one of these chairs helps blood flow throughout the body, thereby sending increased levels of oxygen to the joints, which can assist in relieving the symptoms of arthritis. The mild physical activity also helps build strength and flexibility in the knees, while the act of rocking turns out to help prevent pain signals from moving to the brain. Choose a stylish Eames Rocking Chair from

Use a rocking chair with your baby

It’s no secret that rocking has a calming effect on babies, helps to calm them down or put them to sleep. In that case, the rocking chair has clear benefits. This motion also helps to foster parent-child bonding, with research showing that a child’s rocking motion can improve emotional, social, cognitive and motor development.

Some people argue that rocking is a useful technique for adopted children, again to increase bonding.

For mothers who have recently given birth by cesarean section, rocking is believed to quicken the recovery time. Research shows that mothers who use a rocking chair in the days after a cesarean section walk faster and leave the hospital a day earlier than those who do not use a rocking chair.

This is also said to be the case for people recovering from any type of surgery.

A rocking chair can help you sleep

Following the calming effect of a rocking chair on babies, researchers from the Geneva University concluded that rocking can help sleep more soundly. This research was carried out using a hammock, but no one said that using a rocking chair could not have the same benefits.