Why Heat Is So Important in the Home

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According to the CDC, between the years of 1999 to 2011, there were approximately 16,900 deaths that occurred in America that happened to be associated with exposure to extremely cold air. In addition, there were actually more than 1,500 deaths in the year 2010 that were related to hypothermia. There has been a significant amount of research that clearly shows that cold temperatures actually cause more damage to human beings in hot weather does. Many homeowners are not aware of that there are so many health conditions that can take place in extremely cold temperatures. Many homes are not even equipped with the proper equipment for keeping the temperature in the home comfortable and safe. Cold air can actually be extremely dangerous for many people facing serious health conditions. Those that are susceptible to developing serious health conditions are even more at risk in extremely cold air. Keeping your home safe by utilizing a furnace is the best way to preventing any type of hypothermia from developing to anyone in your home. 

According to the Washington Post, researchers have found that extremely cold air actually kills more people in the United States than extreme heat. In addition, studies have also found that weather-related deaths were shockingly 7 times more likely to kill people in the lower-income counties that high-income counties. Hypothermia is a serious medical condition that takes place when your body loses heat faster than it can produce. When your body temperature drops significantly, your heart, nervous system and other organs cannot function properly. The end result of hypothermia can possibly lead to failure of your heart and even death. Some of the symptoms of hypothermia mean clear to following: shivering, slurred speech or mumbling, shallow breathing, weak pulse, lack of coordination, drowsiness, memory loss, bright red skin, cold skin, paleness, and fatigue. What many people don’t realize is serious medical conditions can definitely be prevented with the right resources. 

If you do not have a quality heating device in your home, you may want to think about getting one before the winter season hits. Having a proper source for heating in your home can definitely prevent you or anyone in the home from developing this serious medical condition. You never know when extreme cold can hit, as there are no real warnings. Climate change has been increasing significantly over the years. Take time to consider doing your own research on various heating devices by looking online for the following terms: furnace Services Crown Point IN. Once you have conducted your research online, try to decide on the best heating machines for your situation. 

Having a quality heating system in your home is critical to the safety of you and everyone in the home. Without the proper heating devices, the temperature in your home could possibly drop significantly, making it unsafe for everyone. If you need assistance with getting a heating system going in your home, take time to do your research and reach out to a professional before it is too late.