Tips for business to help the customers Spend more

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From supermarkets to department stores, there are lots of different ways companies encourage you to spend more on their products than you might otherwise.

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Getting you through the door

Before you buy anything, businesses have to get you to walk through their door. To encourage you, they might put big and bright sale signs in their windows, designed to catch your eye and entice you in, even if it isn’t a shop you might otherwise visit. To add to the attraction, sales might be for a limited time or include special offers.

A store’s look and feel

How a building looks and feels can play a large part on how much money you might spend, from the colour of the walls to the music that is playing in the background. There are many ways a company can convince you to spend money with them.

In supermarkets, for example, fresh produce – fruit, vegetables, bakery items and flowers – are often at the front as you walk in, creating a positive image with their bright colours and wonderful smells and encouraging you to continue shopping. And, as you walk around, you’ll find more expensive items will be placed at eye level, making you more likely to see and reach for them, especially if you have taken one of the trolleys waiting by the entrance; people tend to shop more when they have a trolley as they don’t worry about carrying purchases.

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Music is a factor too. Music for business tends to be calming, slowing you down and leading you to spend more time in the store and, potentially purchasing more. Companies will often help a business find the right music for its stores.

In department stores, you will often find staff there to help you and keep you in the store longer too, giving advice or sharing information about an item. The nicer the staff member, the harder it might be for you to walk away without buying something, especially if they offer you a sample or complimentary product. If you get really carried away and end up buying lots in store for you, your family and friends, how will you get it to them?.  Your house is jam packed and you want to get it to them for their birthday or special event maybe look into options including a Same Day Courier Slough company to transport this for you.

In all stores, loyalty cards and money off vouchers are another way companies get you to shop in their stores, as you are more likely to visit a shop and buy items from them if you think you are getting something in return.