These five signs suggest you need some retail therapy

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Let’s be honest – most of us don’t wear half the clothes in our wardrobes because we prefer to wear our favourite outfits over and over again. Even things we have worn once may not be worn again, especially if they were bought for a specific event or occasion.

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Summer is the perfect time of year to have a clear out, take a trip to your local charity shop, and start getting excited about buying some new clothes and enjoying some good old-fashioned retail therapy.

Quality over quantity

No matter how much you like a particular top or pair of trousers, it will start to look tatty after a few wears if it is not made well. It is far better to buy a good-quality piece that will stand the test of time than several pieces that disintegrate after a few washes. Also, think carefully about the colours you buy. If you love wearing bright colours, make sure you also buy some neutral colours. If you only wear black, grey and navy, now might be the perfect time to be a little bold.

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Women’s bodies change shape throughout their lifetime. Changes caused by pregnancy, the menopause and other life events can mean you have a load of clothes that don’t fit you properly. Be honest with yourself. If something is too big or too small, there is no point keeping it any longer.


Keeping up with the latest fashion can be expensive and you probably have dresses hanging up that were very on trend a few years ago but now just look dated. Consider investing in some new summer dresses from brands such as that have a great selection of colours and styles to suit every body shape.

Nothing to wear!

If you stare at your wardrobe each morning and think ‘I have nothing to wear’, it is probably time for a shopping trip. High street retailers are blaming the recent wet weather on poor sales and are hoping that the sun coming out will bring customers into their stores.


If your friends start offering to go shopping with you, this is usually a sign that they think you need some fashion help! Don’t be offended; instead, take them up on the offer and make a day of it.