The Key to Spending a Refreshing Sabbatical Year in Bangkok

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Anyone seeking a peaceful and refreshing sabbatical year might not believe it possible in a populous city the size of Bangkok. When you consider the fact that more than 13% of Thailand’s total population lives and works in this city of over 8.2 million inhabitants, it’s pretty hard to imagine anything being peaceful, let alone refreshing.

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Actually, you might be amazed to learn that this is exactly where so many academics and business professionals alike go when seeking somewhere to reconnect with their professional and personal lives. Bangkok is just the place for a sabbatical for several reasons, but you first need to understand how to go about stepping back from the world to enjoy tranquility in a city this insanely busy.

Forest Tradition Meditation

You might be wondering what forest meditation has to do with life in a teeming city the size of Bangkok. Actually, traditional Thai Buddhists understand that Shakyamuni Buddha experienced his most important moments in life under a tree from birth through death.

He actually was born under a tree, was said to have become ‘enlightened’ under a tree, and eventually died under a tree – hence the Kammatthana, commonly referred to in English as the forest tradition of meditation. The city may be noisy 24/7, but there are gardens of respite where you can spend quiet hours deep in thought and prayer if you are so inclined.

Balancing the Outside World with a Need for Solitude

While you will certainly want to explore all that there is to see and do in Bangkok, the reason for your time spent here is to reconnect with your innermost self to give you purpose upon returning to your life back home. You must spend time visiting the many shops and bazaars and eating at the world famous street vendors for a taste of traditional Thai cuisine. You do have to eat after all!

Yes, tourist spots are tempting because they speak English, catering to tourists, but street vendors really give you a better taste of authentic Thai dishes.

A Touch of Familiarity for Those Moments of Solitude

Then, once you have sampled the fare, it’s time to take those newly acquired tastes back to your abode. Don’t forget that you can get prepared foods delivered to your residence just like you can back home. You can even get Western foods delivered to your home as well! It may take a while to get used to those spicy, fragrant foods so bread delivery Bangkok is an option for those times when you want a taste of home.

Stores like Villa Market deliver a large number of brands quite popular in America so that you aren’t left totally without any kind of ‘anchor’ so far from the comfort of familiarity. Remember, the key to a successful sabbatical year is to step back from the turmoil and that’s hard to do when you are continually being bombarded with new sights, sounds, and smells. Keep a familiar anchor but reach out to life’s endless possibilities. That’s the key to a successful sabbatical year in a nutshell.