So, You’re Ready to Skydive Eh? 

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Okay so if you are reading this post then you are planning your 50th birthday, or you are just an extreme sports junkie. There is no high like testing the limits of gravity and your comfort zone. But, after the allure of ziplining and zorbing wears off, you are faced with trying to find ways to step it up a notch. So why not push yourself to the extreme by jumping out an airplane, common you know you want to skydive. 

Skydiving is one of the most extreme sports I can think of. I wondered to myself how anyone thought Skydiving would be a good idea and who the sport got started in the first place. This is the story of skydiving. 

Skydiving goes way back to the 1100’s where the ancient Chinese developed base jumping and used makeshift parachutes and Leonard Davinci had sketches of the first parachutes in his portfolio, but the history of skydiving itself, as well as, its origins can be traced to France. In 1977 but the concept has been popular since WWII and the rise of the paratrooper. Over the years the sport has been popularized but some are still cautious to jump out of plane thousands of feet in the air. So, if you are ready to take the plunge and you live in LA pull up google and do a search for “skydiving Los Angeles CA” and take the plunge today! 

Is skydiving safe? 

While it may seem like a silly question, most people think of the safety aspects of skydiving. the sport has been perfected over the years and safety is absolutely paramount to the companies offering you this extreme sports service. When you jump from the plane, you will not be alone because you will be strapped to an instructor who has had many years of experience. Furthermore, the industry is regulated, and they have to have certifications in order to provide you with the service. The equipment is rigorously checked and inspected, and you are provided with a short safety and instructional course before you dive. The instructors will go to great pains to ensure you are safe and happy during the trip, and if you are not comfortable they won’t make you dive, but you won’t get your money back. 

Can everyone skydive? 

There are a few restrictions to skydiving. You must be 18 and able to sign a contract and waiver. Parachutes have a weight limit so if you are over 200 pounds then you cannot skydive. If you are over the age of 70 or have a heart condition, you should ask your doctor if it is safe. 

We want you to have a safe and exciting experience so please do consult a doctor before pursuing a skydiving jump. If the instructors do not believe you are a good candidate for skydiving, then they have the right to refuse service. Your safety is more important than you are having fun.