Resume Templates For High School Students : The How and Why

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Two scenarios prompts a high school student to create a resume — one, they are looking for a part time evenings-and-weekends job, or two, they are looking to include a resume in their college application package.  Regardless, traditional resume templates are unable to meet the requirements of high school students as these do not effectively highlight their school activities, interests, clubs, athletics and other school specific accomplishments. The one-size-fits-all approach of most online resume builders and templates are unable to do justice to the needs of high school resumes.

A well structured high school resume can be creating using a  high school resume builder, the student can  pick among available resume templates for high school students that are smart and appropriate for his specific needs.  The resume builder then collects information about a student’s accomplishments at school, this is then filled into the resume template picked out by the student from among the various high school student resume templates. The result is an elegant resume that is specifically oriented towards high school students. The system even looks for work experiences that are likely to be found among high school students such as lawn care, pet care or baby-sitting; while not seeking the work experiences that are more likely to be found on adult resumes.

Ideally, resume templates for high school students should be structured to include the following:

  • A strong objective focused on ability to take instructions, punctuality etc
  • The high school name and grade should be mentioned next
  • If GPA is above 3, include it.
  • If a honor student, mention that. List honors such as national honor society, national merit society etc.
  • List all clubs (within high school or outside the school) that the high school student is a member of. If he or she hold positions such as club secretary, treasurer, or president, make sure that is highlighted.
  • Athletic achievements, if applicable — be sure to mention athletic tier (such as Varsity, JV etc.), and also whether captain of the team. Strong abilities in this arena displays leadership potential and teamwork.
  • List your hobbies and other interests. Shine the spotlight on the ones that display diligence and skills such as carpentry, car detailing and similar activities.
  • Now comes any jobs you may have worked — do not overlook house painting, yard work, babysitting etc
  • Finally, list all unpaid volunteer work, such as within the community, school or your church.

Creating a high school resume is significantly  more challenging than it appears on the surface, students would be well served to seek out  a resume builder for students that was created specifically for their needs. It will  avoid needless heartache and potential errors, and will likely even prioritize their accomplishments for them, there is really little reason not to use one.