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If you are a figure skating lover like me, then you are eagerly waiting for the 2022 winter Olympics. I have been watching figure skating since I was a little kid. The way the pro-skaters move gracefully showcasing their prowess is just breathtaking.

Over the years, I grew an interest in the sport; actively participating in it. I have taken classes and mastered a few moves here and there. Do not get it twisted, I am not a professional skater but I have been partaking in this engaging sport for the past 13 years as a recreational activity.

One of the things I have learnt over the years is that skates play a huge role in how well you perform at skating. A boot that fits properly prevents injuries and painful blisters. Additionally, the boots you choose to wear play an integral part in determining the kind f performance you give.

Without further ado, below is a guideline on how to choose the perfect figure skates for you.

Skating for beginners

Professional skaters and intermediate skaters have their own set of boots and blades. They are tailor-made for them to give them a more personal look and feel. However, beginners are like newborns. They are very fragile individuals. They need extra care and good nurturing to grasp the basics.

Beginners need to learn basic steps, how to perform glides, swizzles, forward crossovers, basic edges, and two-foot spins among other things. Above all, they need to learn how to stop. (No one wants a skater who is bumping onto everyone on the rink).

As such, a beginner needs skates that have a 15 to 30 stiffness rating. Skates that are stable, have a classic design, fit properly and offer excellent support. The boots should also offer padding to prevent leg and ankle injury.

Tips on how to size your skates

For the first-time buyer, pre-assembled sets are your best bet.

As such, I will share a few tips on how to get the perfect fitting for your figure skates.

  • It is good to note that recreational boots are close or ½ size less than your shoe size. However, to be sure, take an actual measurement of the length of your longest foot. Standing with your heels against the wall and measuring perpendicularly will give you more accurate measurements.
  • If you are buying for children, add only ½ size to allow room for growth. Do not go for a bigger fitting other than this as they will be prone to blisters and trips.
  • Additionally, skates come in different widths namely: Narrow, Medium, and Wide. This is not a big issue though, unless you are a high-level skater.
  • If you have to wear socks, wear thin socks.
  • Make sure that the heel of your figure skates go all the way to the rear of the boot. If not, your foot will slide forward when you stand upright.
  • Also, when walking make sure the heel is not lifting out of the boot. Unless it is a child and the boot is ½ size bigger as earlier stated.

These are just a few things to look for when looking for a perfect skate fitting. If you are still insure, you could always seek professional assistance.