Friday night TV dinner ideas for all the family

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Who doesn’t love Friday? For many people it’s the end of the working week, a chance to have some downtime and relax into the weekend. Friday nights are the time to get together as a family, turn on the TV, relax on the sofa and share a meal; the perfect opportunity to catch up without homework and other distractions to interrupt you or having to rush through conversation before you head out to work or the children go to one of their main hobby clubs.

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Friday night food

A chilled out TV family dinner needs to be quite quick and easy to make, but also extremely tasty. Here are a few ideas for dishes which tick all the boxes and should please everyone.

Fried rice

This recipe can use prepared rice or fresh cooked, along with just a few other basic ingredients. After chopping and drying off some veg in a wok or large frying pan add prawns, chicken or whatever meat you like, add soy sauce and the rice and stir until piping hot and all is cooked.

Soft boiled eggs with cheese toast

Part boil the eggs for a couple of minutes while toasting bread with grated cheese sprinkled on top. This simple supper is fast to prepare, and very comforting.

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Tuna and pasta bake

If you have time to make an oven-baked dish, this is always a winner. Simply boil the pasta of your choice, make a simple white sauce, add some grated cheese, and mix with both the fish and the cooked pasta. Cover the top with crushed crisps and more cheese and bake for around 20-30 minutes. This goes well with a green salad. Macaroni cheese is also an easy and tasty pasta dish

Getting set up

Before you plan a TV night make sure there will be no interruptions due to aerial problems. If you need help with TV Aerial Installation Cardiff way there are some reliable companies such as to offer advice.

Let the kids cook

Or at least get involved. Pizza dough is easy to make at home, and children love decorating their own from a selection of suitable meats and vegetables. Flatbreads and pita breads both double up as a base if time is short.

Whatever you choose to eat for your TV dinner it’s bound to taste great, and be a nice way to bond as a family group.