Five Steps In Taking Care Of Your Sporting Rifle

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Semi-automatic rifles are usually used for competition and sometimes for self-defense. These rifles are built for longevity and durability, but in order to achieve that, it is also important to note the importance of maintenance. Cleaning your gun regularly is a must if you want to make it last longer. Here are the basic five steps in cleaning and maintaining your gun.

Cleaning Tools You Need To Have

Cleaning will be even easier if you have the right cleaning tools for a 9mm Semi Automatic Rifle online, one of the things that you should bundle in the purchase is a cleaning kit. A premade kit is fine for most, but if you have a more customized need, you can also build your own kit. Choose the best lubricants, cleaning solvents, and brushes for your needs.

Use A Clean And Children-Safe Area To Clean

Don’t forget to lay your cleaning mat and wear your gloves before doing anything. Remove any ammo from your gun and clear your firearm, and always make sure to point your rifle in a safe direction. Don’t forget to remove the magazines and check for ammo that may not have been ejected.

Disassemble Your Rifle

First, you should separate the upper and the lower receiver. After that, remove the charging handle and the Bolt Carrier Group from the upper receiver. You should disassemble the Bolt Carrier Group to slide the Bolt out and disassemble it. Remove the extractor pin, follow up by removing the buffer and spring from the tube.

Clean The Parts

After disassembling your rifle, clean the chamber and barrel. Make sure that any debris will come out in the front of the barrel. This one might be challenging at first, but you’ll get used to it. You will then need to clean the Bold Carrier Group next, which is easier than the chamber and barrel. Carbon build up can be formed, usually in the rear of the firing pin, so you might want to check that.

Clean the Buffer Assembly with a rag and lubricant by wiping it. Remove the collapsible stock (if you have one) and wipe it too. The upper receiver and the charging handle can be cleaned with a rag. Put a small amount of oil in it, find out what works on you. The goal here is for the charging handle to move effortlessly within the upper receiver during the reassembly. And last but not the least, clean the Fire Control Group and the Lower Receiver.

Reassemble The Gun And Perform A Function Check

After all the cleaning, wipe the sweat in your forehead and reassemble your rifle. Working backward, from the takedown, is the key. Make sure to lubricate every part of your rifle that moves. Last but not least, perform a function check by pointing it in a safe direction, pulling the bolt and release it forward. Squeeze the trigger, if the hammer is still on its place, then you have successfully cleaned your sporting rifle.