Fashion trends to try in 2019

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The year 2019, dawned upon us with only a few expectant looks in vogue but there is a whole outburst of fashion trends that has completely caught us off guard. Ranging from the classic leopard prints to flatforms we went through the runways, designer magazines, high street stores and social media and are proud to bring you the biggest and the hottest trends for this year. So keep reading and make sure you are up to date with the latest fashion trends!

  1. Leopard Prints

Surprise! Surprise! The iconic leopard print is back in fashion. But this year it has been reincarnated using softer, breathable and easy to wear fabric. We came across leopard print being used in form of silky long skirts, loose shirts or blouses in addition to a variety of other relaxed and loose designs.

  1. Bike Shorts

Sportswear or street wear? You can’t tell anymore! Because your favorite Bike shorts are so in! Surprisingly Bike shorts are turning into a leisure trend and are the hottest new thing. Uber comfortable and affordable as well, Bike shorts are sure becoming a big hit in the mainstream.

  1. Matching Sets

A trend that started last winter is still going strong! We see the check-print sets making a comeback into the mainstream and we are loving it! Matching top and bottoms are the new cool and this season we are seeing pencil skirts being paired with matching tops and pretty pants with matching top sets are stealing away our hearts.

  1. Linen dresses

Some of the major trends from last year were made from linen. This year the linen trend is still going strong. White on white or classic polka dots are still in and are certainly a must-have! The internet searches are still being blown up as people keep searching for “Linen dresses online” whilst bloggers and influencers on social media are wearing and advertising linen dresses

  1. Flatforms

Are you a fashion freak and want to look pretty and up to date with all the latest fashion trends without compromising on your comfort? Are you tired of high heels hurting your feet and making it difficult to walk? Then Flatforms are just the thing for you! We are coming across flatform sneakers, flatform sandals, and we even saw flatform mules making a presence in the mainstream! So ditch those high heels and stilettos and do your feet a favor and try the flatforms, we promise once you try flatforms, there is no going back!

  1. Jewel tones

Jewel tones are so in this season. Colors ranging from ruby reds to topaz-yellow and forest green are everywhere! Social media is being overrun by models jazzing it out in aquamarine blue and crimson-burgundy and it’s all looking so good!

In addition to these some of the other trending colors in the fashion industry are khaki, nude and yellow, mix and match with colorful sets to spice up your wardrobe and become a trend setter this season.