Celebrity Wedding Guest Gaffes

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Whilst celebrity weddings are sure to be full of beautiful people with A-list guests thrown in, celebrity brides and grooms can’t always help their guests being ghastly. The celebrity mother of the bride is known for her ‘ahem’ interesting attire, whilst the father of the bride and even close friends, as we will see, can cause embarrassment too. From wardrobe failures to speech whoopsies, read on for some celeb wedding guest gaffes. Worst of all, the paparazzi are always on hand to record it!

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Badly Dressed Guests

Sometimes the badly dressed guest can be even more famous than the happy couple, which makes it even worse. When Kristen Stewart (of Twilight fame) attended her friend’s wedding – Hollywood producer Kevin Tjuren – she forgot her dress and danced the night away in a pair of jeans.  If you would like to help your family and friends along with ideas for Wedding Guest Dresses then you could steer them in the direction of sites including

Blundering Speech-Makers

At any wedding someone says something they shouldn’t in a wedding speech; whether it’s the best man making an inappropriate joke or the father of the bride making it obvious he doesn’t approve, there’s always one. Nothing could have been more embarrassing than what happened to film producer Kayte Walsh when she married Kelsey Grammar. When her father gave the speech he incorrectly named Kelsey’s daughter (from an earlier marriage) as Madison. Her name is Mason. Plenty of embarrassed faces all round, no doubt! Although that speech isn’t as bad as these real-life wedding speech horrors:

Real-life Ghastly Guests

The mother of the bride is often the success behind every wedding, but depending on her outfit (and her behaviour), she may also be the most remembered guest too. The consensus is that the worst (or most embarrassing) guest at any wedding is the mother of the bride. Whether it’s because she hasn’t taken the right style advice or because she’s had too much fun at the free bar, it always seems to be the mother of the bride that’s the most memorable. You can probably recognise how your mother might act from this Huffington Post selection of stereotypical mothers of the bride.

No one is safe from the ghastly guest, whether you’re an A-list star or an ordinary Joe. If your worried about what your guests might turn up in, then be sure to let them know the dress code – especially your mum!.