A guide to hitting a hockey ball

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Hockey is a very ancient game that can trace its origins back to Ancient Egypt. There is a famous stone crafted picture of two figures holding curved sticks preparing to knock a ball about. It’s a very skilled game and if you have a team then it’s a good idea to check out some Hockey Drill videos.  The game is growing in numbers in both women and men. The success of the GB women’s team has fuelled an interest back into the sport which is very welcome.  One of the most rudimentary skills of the game is how to hit the ball properly. Let’s have a look at how this can be achieved.

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It’s easy to focus on the power element and think this is the most important part. Naturally how you strike the ball is very important but there has to be a degree of control. As with football the ability to “dribble” is a highly prized skill. Let’s concentrate first on how to hold the stick. There are two positions the first is at the upper end of the stick known as the high grip. The second is to clasp the stick at the lower end which is the choke grip. To ensure that you don’t slip with the grip you must hold the stick with hands close together. There should be no gap between the two so that the grip on the handle is firm. The stick face will not flip or move and you can manoeuvre the wrist to control the face of the stick better.

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The stick face needs to be open otherwise you will strike the top of the ball and the shot will lack power. The “meat” of the stick face needs to connect well with the ball. For power the body must be behind the ball to increase the power for a scoring opportunity. Practise makes perfect so perhaps playing with your friends in the garden would help.  But be careful of your windows as you don’t want any breakages.  An Evesham Double Glazing company will be able to pop out though and help you with any replacement needs you have.  The body weight needs to shift to allow a passing option so the grip will determine where you place yourself before you commit to hit the ball. The head must be over the top of the ball. The ball also needs to be either in line with or even just ahead of your left foot. If these are in place you will be able to connect correctly with the ball. If shooting make sure you play through the ball. Commit to the shot as a hesitation will result in a loss of power.