The Importance Of Attending Preschool and Kindergarten

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Early childhood education is extremely important to children prior to entering grade school. There are many aspects of daily situations that are taught during this time that may seem miniscule but actually help prepare children for grade school. Children that enter preschool learn quite a bit of social skills. These skills are detrimental to learning how to handle situations with piers and how to establish coping mechanism. Learning how to share, communicate and participate in class room activities is often achieved during preschool. Preschool aged children are typically 3 and 4. Sometimes 5 year olds also attend preschool. 

During preschool students begin learning basic academics. The academics learned can definitely be taught at home. Children in preschool learn how to count to ten and in some cases they even learn how to count to twenty. Preschool aged children also learn the alphabet and primary colors. Many preschools also teach basic nursery rhymes and shapes. During the class time students will have educational time, play time, outside time and snack time. Many preschool programs are part time which means they only last two to four hours. In some cases parents can pay for extended education and a pre-kindergarten west jordan ut aged student can attend school all day. 

Preschools come in a variety of establishments. It is not uncommon to find private preschool facilities that are chain schools. National chains have locations in cities all across the United States. Churches of various religions also have preschool programs. Many park districts will host preschool programs and some high schools also offer a preschool program that gives high school students a chance to also earn some early childhood educational credits. 

Parents can visit online stores and book stores to buy more educational books. These books will feature numbers, shapes, letters and basic sentences. Working with children from home will help further their educational learning experience. It is also important for children to spend time outdoors exploring and playing. This helps build fine motor skills. Libraries and park districts also offer a wide variety of classes that focus on cooking, singing and dancing. These skills also help children build on their fine motor skills. 

Children that do not attend preschool may attend kindergarten. Kindergarten is not mandatory in all of the states, but many local school districts do offer it. In some cases, it is free and in other cases there is a monthly expense for kindergarten. Some school districts view the importance of kindergarten the same way they do the other primary grades and the only fee is the yearly tuition. Kindergarten and preschool classes help prepare students for first grade. First grade is state required and runs all day. If a child already has attended school, they will have an easier time adjusting to the daily class room and school routines. 

Many teachers encourage parent involvement. Parents that are able to help in class and chaperone field trips or even help cut or copy things from home often have a better sense of understanding for class room work and procedures. Children who are well acquainted with early education typically adjust faster for elementary school.