Clothing Trends that are Going to Impact Society in 2019

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Clothing trends in 2019 are going to take fashion into a whole new direction. The year 2019 is expected to be the breakout season for some dynamic fashion trends. Some clothing industry insiders are expecting this year to a revolutionary one in terms of men’s fashions. They are also expecting a shift in fashion that was never seen before in the past. Keep reading to find out why industry insiders are making some bold predictions about 2019 clothing trends. 

Guys are Going to Start Dressing Like Girls in 2019 

Most people in society accept how they are supposed to dress and present themselves in public. Many people do this according to their birth gender. However, gender roles have become blurred and many people are disregarding the old rules for gender related dress and fashions. Men are expected to start dressing more like women in 2019. This trend has been in motion since since 2015. However, it has not went away. Instead, it is slowly encroaching into the world of men’s clothing. Some fashion industry experts even predict that many males will feel comfortable dressing in women’s clothing by the year 2030. 

GQ stated that in 2019 more men are dressing brightly and brilliantly than in the past. A-list actors and super entertainers are dressing in women’s clothing and there are many men in the fashion industry who have embraced this trend. The point is that effeminate clothing trends are going to start off as a trend before becoming a style. In 2019 this trend will be more accepted because enough males (people in general) from the current generation are ready to embrace it. Circle S brand dress pants for example are classic pants for men. 

Women’s Fashion Predictions in 2019 

Glamour Magazine reports that women’s fashion trends in 2019 are going to be defined by oversized hats, tight pleats and sensible shorts. Females are going to have clothing choices and styles that will continue to highlight their curves and to make them look as sexy as ever. However, they are expected to wear more tie-die styled outfits and their flats are going to be more stylish. 

Waterproof clothing gear will be worn during the summer and fringing will be sported in the fall. Fringing is a western styled clothing fashion for females. Things like cowboy boots, jackets and handbags are going to have a western design with a modern flair. Neon is expected to be big in 2019 and bright and brilliant colors should be seen during the spring to fall seasons. Puffed shoulders and sequins are also expected to be domineering outfits in 2019 for women. These fashion trends for females should help women to look their best throughout the year. 

Final Considerations for Clothing in 2019 

Fashion trends in 2019 are going to be a game changer. With the mixing of men’s styles into female styles both sexes will have more options in terms of dress. Keep in mind that not all men are going to jump on the effeminate styles but as society starts to embrace these trends things will slowly change. In short, don’t be too surprised if you start seeing more strait guys walking around in feminine clothing.