Carpet Texture: Cut Pile Carpet vs Textured Carpet: A Buyer’s Guide to Carpet Texture

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You may be confused by the many styles and types available if you have already started your search to purchase a carpet. It can be difficult to distinguish between cut pile and textured carpet. The Home Flooring Professionals can help you navigate the differences between cut pile carpet and textured carpet.

We say “hopefully” since there isn’t a standard industry-wide name for different carpet types. Carpet texture or carpet type refers to how the fiber is attached.

When it comes to textured carpet, what we are actually referring to is a carpet with a cut pile. Cut pile carpet refers to a carpet in which the fiber is attached to the backing by looping it. The fiber then gets cut, creating a fuzzy, tufted surface. This is in contrast with loop carpets which are smoother and more streamlined in appearance and feel.

Cut pile carpets and texture carpets are not the same thing. There are many types of cut pile carpets, depending on how the fiber is treated. True textured cut pile uses fibers of different lengths to create a more dense, textured surface. Other types include plush, Saxony and frieze, shag, or cable.

Different carpet manufacturers may refer to their carpets differently, but they might call them “textured”, or “cut pile”, or “cut twist” – all of which are more or less the exact same type of cut pile carpet.

What is the best type of textured carpet for my home?

One of the most sought-after types of carpet is textured carpets. Textured carpets are very popular because they combine a cut pile process with uneven or twisted fibers. This makes them extremely durable and less likely to show dirt, tracks, or dents. These carpets are great for people with pets or high traffic areas. The type of carpet you choose, whether it is wool, nylon or polyester, will depend on what you are able to afford and what you prefer. Learn more about carpet density here. However, textured carpets can have a mottled appearance, which is a benefit to dirt and track marks.

Another consideration is that textured carpet has a more casual and luxurious appearance than patterned carpet. A textured cut pile carpet, which is available in a variety of colors, is an excellent choice if you are looking for a carpet that can be used in any room.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Textured Carpet

Finally, textured carpets are more resistant to wear and stains than other types of flooring. However, there are some great tips that you can use to prolong their life expectancy.

Carpet with an in-built stain resistance finish is a good choice. There are many brands that can offer special finishes for pet owners.

Keep a handy set of cleaning tools on hand in case of spills or accidents.

Even if your carpet is light-colored, a well-placed doormat and area rug will make a big difference in keeping it clean.

Before you purchase your texture carpet or custom logo rugs, make sure you read the terms of the warranty.

Trusted, skilled carpet installers will ensure you get the best results got carpets and custom logo rugs. You’ll also get a high-quality carpet pad!