Delta-8: A Beginner’s Guide

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Here’s a beginner’s guide on vaping delta 8 cartridges. Delta-9 vapes are familiar to you, but delta 8 cartridges can be a totally different beast. The less-known cannabinoid, Delta-9, isn’t as “lesser-known” anymore. Eighty Six considers it their mission to educate people about its benefits.

We want you learn how to use Delta-8 carts. We want you to be able know the benefits of using a delta-8 cartridge. Delta-8 is not the exact same thing as Delta-9. Therefore, you should not expect the same vaping experience with it. Let us become you’re Delta-8 Sherpa. You can trust us to tell you everything before you order one of our cartridges. A warning: you might want to give the cart a try after reading this. Don’t worry, though. We can assist you as well.

Vape Delta-8

Vaping Delta-8THC THC is simple, even for beginners. You will need either a battery, or a cartridge rig. It is not difficult to find one at your local marijuana shop. You’ll need a “female” type battery as the Delta-8 cartridges will have to be screwed into it. Some batteries and carts work in the reverse order. It’s vital to carefully examine the cartridges you intend to purchase.

This guide contains recommendations for batteries if you are actively seeking the perfect setup. Personal preference is key here as everyone is different. Some might prefer a faster-hitting device, while some may prefer to have a longer-lasting one that will let them enjoy their Delta-8 cartridge flavors every day. Take a look at the guide!

Once you’ve completed your setup, you can begin. Vaping is a cleaner way to get high. You do not need to use lighters. It is easy to simply push a button on a battery and press the cartridge. You can take large or small hits, depending on what is most comfortable and what feels right. You can hold the vapor for a couple of seconds and then exhale. That’s it! That’s all there is to it when you want to use your Delta-8 cartridge. Simple, right?

CCELL(r) Technology

Before you can learn how to properly use a Delta-8 cartridge, it is important to first understand some details about the cartridges. At Eighty Six, we use authentic CCELL(r) technology. These allow you to have the Delta-8 THC experience. Ceramic heating elements in our cartridges ensure maximum potency. The modern design prevents the wick from burning. Every hit of this vape delivers powerful, flavorful clouds.

Our cartridges were designed to make vaping effortless. You don’t need to worry at all about how to maintain or dispose of your cartridges. The materials used in making the carts can be used for both food and medical purposes. The result is dense clouds that can be tossed into the cart safely. It ensures that there won’t be any leakage. A leaking cartridge is a pitfall. A leaking cartridge not only makes it a huge waste of distilled, but it also creates a mess. That’s not a problem when you vape with Eighty Six.